I think that scientific invention is a bad thing because someone could easily destroy the world in a blink of an eye. But some people could think that scientific invention is good because it can develop the generation better and the technology. Then also lets face it someone might not wanna but yet again theirs […]

First W: At the same time we will definitely see each other again! Second W:Thunder lighting or rain we will meet again! Third W: We will meet here tomorrow at seven when the sun goes down! First W: So i guess here then tomorrow at seven o’clock! Second W : Deal ill be early got […]

Dear Bradley, I am writing to you to tell you that I’ve witnessed a battle and the Norwegian people has been defeated the by the Scottish and retreated back to Norway. I’ve witnessed Norwegian men getting demolished by the squad of the Scottish. I was a brutal battle because both sides wanted to win the […]

The nuclear bomb destroying the town called tinsel town. The empty place surrounding the the country side. Body’s laying everywhere. But out of no where there’s a sound of someone walking. Then a man across the street gets up and sees things moving with a blind vision and wipes his eyes and sees zombies walking […]

The first thing i did was start the draft so then i did all my corrections after when i did the six hundred word essay. I did a 500 word essay in year 7 and i took me about two weeks but it was my first essay i ever did.

I was on the plane when my dad died It crashing down towards land where I was Meant to be on my holiday in Spain He was with me and my mum together Me and my dad had a great relationship  

Philip Reeve that he can care and he can not. He makes Shrike go though some hard times. Shrike was an old friend of Hester. After her parents died. Tom a friend from Hester has no idea who or what Shrike is or who he is. He is caring when he said this to Hester […]

When my dad died on a plane with me. A plane going on holiday to Spain, With my mum and dad we live you see, To be honest I What ever the weather were going to go, This

Me just standing while I watched what, Went on the crazy person coming after me , I ran fast,faster than flash, I went around the corner and… he was done chasing me, Probably after my brother, the one who was always there for me , On this dark misty day where no-one was, In the […]

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